Younger Hearts


In collaboration with the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada (HSF), the Bridgeable internship team worked together to reimagine a public health program that combines best practices in behavioural health with deep insights about the lives and contexts of older adults. The outcome of this collaboration is a best-in-class health program that combines evidence-based care with health management tools that “fit” the lives of older adults.

Bridgeable worked with Heart & Stroke to validate and refine core elements of the program, develop an awareness campaign, and design the intake process for the CHPI (Community Hypertension Prevention Initiative). Visit the live campaign here.

The Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada

Completed at:
Bridgeable Design & Research

Laura Heidenheim, Vivian Lin, Tim MacLeod, Galen MacLusky, Rachel Slaven, Rui Jie Wang

Featured in:
The Toronto Star

Service Designer
Research, participatory research, interviews, facilitation and creation of co-creation sessions and materials, product development, prototyping, experience and journey mapping, service blueprint, visual presentations, copy editing, branding, testing, design and business strategies, publications