PRINT | 18 IN X 36 IN | 2014


Sustainability is an ongoing global issue, associated with many problems such as pollution, deforestation etc. Although the problem is evident, people are still continuing to follow and implement the same trends in design, rather than consider the implications of materials, transport etc. that play into the problem. As a designer, I have begun to see more and more designs becoming obsolete, created for the sake of creating, an alarming trend that I find only adds on to the larger issue. 

Designers are not the only contributing factor to this equation, but more so, the entire human population. If the purpose of design is to innovate and to solve a problem, then design can be used to promote or become a learning platform for any subject, such as on renewable/sustainable energy.

So, how might we make design promote the idea of being sustainable through the choices we make, while still being attractive? 

LED is a poster that educates people on what LED lighting is, its benefits and how its flaws, despite it being a step towards sustainable energy. Though flawed, it is still an important asset in the design world in stepping towards a more sustainable future.

Using a minimal design, the audience would then be more inclined to read the text. In addition, using vectored graphics helped create a starting point for viewers to look at. The lightbulb marks the beginning of artificial light and is the embodiment of how far technology has come, essentially being the connection of both history and time, people and land.