JEV Stools

JEV Stools
Reclaimed Pallets | 2013


Team: Jonah Kellam, Vivian Lin & Emily Walmsley

Challenge: To use our previous individual projects wherein we explored the evocative qualities of physical objects, as sources of inspiration to define and explore a common theme through a narrative.

In order to find the common factor within our preceding projects, we looked at the key evocative qualities explored and the key words that embody it. The ideas of integration, experience and stability became the basis of our theme exploration of space.

How do we as designers define space if space is not limited to only the surrounding objects around us? How do we create space, from space?

In thinking about the idea of space, we realized that space is ephemeral and ever-changing. So how might we work in cohesion with and support it through a physical object?

In using reclaimed pallets, we wanted to also explore the idea of shifting space through time while also considering the ecological footprint.

Thus, the JEV stools are made in consideration of both material and functionality in accordance to space. Their cubic shape allows for maximum storage, efficiency and transportation, making them the perfect modular unit to use in any environment as a coffee table, as stools, as shelving units etc. 

See below for the video that accompanies the project and discover the different ways the stools can be used.