Fork Please

Fork Please
Wood + String | 2012


An exploratory design installation.

Challenge: Find an object and explore its evocative qualities, re-imagining the form so that it evokes said qualities. As well, document it within nine 8X8 panels.

The object I chose to explore is a simple fork found in my kitchen, one that I use on a daily basis.

In considering the fork as an evocative object, I realized that I view it as more than just a utensil - I see it as a complex representation, a metaphor of the conflicting cultures I live within and experience.

As a Canadian with a large Taiwanese family who hold culture as the most important aspect of life, I find myself often caught in a battle between what I think of myself and what my family thinks I should be. The fork is something I grew up with, and something I continually use even when eating different cultural meals (ex. Chinese). It is a familiar object to me, a safe and unchanging go-to piece of cutlery that makes eating for a me, a homey and comfortable experience no matter the time or place.

In thinking about the fork in such a context, 

How might I portray the conflicting cultural barriers I have within myself to others, while evoking an almost safe yet precarious balance through connections?

Through visual research and drawings involving different materials and methods, I was able to solidify my understanding of the fork and my feelings towards it.