Lycra + Felt + Wood | 2014


A second year design project utilizing textiles and wood to create a product that harnesses and displays self-expression. 

The objective was to consider patina and the expression of ‘wear and tear’ and consider how it can be applied to design. In addition, personalization and customization needed to be considered in relation to creating a sustainable mass-produced product.

Dots is essentially a product of a few different forms put together - a wrist brace , a drawstring storage bag that holds the pegs, and an instruction booklet describing usage and care. By wearing the wrist brace and pegs, the user would leave imprints behind on their skin.

With intensive research and material exploration, Dots was created to become a point of communication as well as a tool of transference, creating social cohesion and understanding. Inspired by the Braille alphabet and the idea of non-permanence, I wanted to explore the idea of language as a point of communication, looking at the different ways humans can communicate with one another - including how physical transference on the human body can correlate.

Thus with the peg system, users would have the potential to write in Braille or even create pictograms as a form of self-expression, instigating points of conversation.

 A system map showing how dots is produced + returned, as well as proposing other possibilities of end-of-cycle return.